Creating an Opportunity Pipeline Report in Salesforce

This article contains instructions on how to build a flattened Salesforce report that resembles the Pipeline export from the PrecisionLender Opportunity Dashboard.

Create the new Report Type

The first step will be to create a new custom report type that allows us to flatten Opportunities, related Scenarios, and related loan accounts into a single report.

  • Go to Setup / App Setup / Create / Report Types

Click the "New Custom Report Type" button

  • Use these options:
    • Primary Object = Opportunities
    • Report Type Label = Opportunities with PL Scenarios and Loans
    • Report Type Name = leave this as the default
    • Store in Category = Opportunities
    • Deployment Status = Deployed
  • Click the Next button
  • For Level B, Choose PrecisionLender Senarios
  • For Level C, Choose Commercial Loan Accounts
  • Click the Save button


2.Creating the Pipeline Report

Now that the report type exists, we can use it to create the new report

  • Go to the Salesforce Reports tab
  • Click the "New Report" button
  • Choose the new report type "Opportunities with PL Scenarios and Loans"
  • As an starting point, add the following columns to your report
    • Opportunity Owner: Full Name
    • Account Name
    • Opportunity Name
    • Scenario Name
    • Initial Rate
    • Initial Fees
    • Rate Type
    • Payment Type
    • Product Name
    • Close Date
    • Stage
  • Unless you want to report on ALL Scenarios within an Opportunity, you may want to show only Pipeline Scenarios.  To do this, add a report filter for "Is Pipeline Scenario" = True.