Adding deposits to opportunities can increase the overall profitability of your loans while allowing you more flexibility when quoting your customers rates. The footer, which shows your actual and target Net Income and return, can help you understand the profitability of opportunities with multiple loans.

For example, the Commercial Real Estate loan below is generating a 19.82% return. The Target return is 20%. The footer tab on the left displays the profitability of the current account displayed and the full opportunity, which includes any Deposit and Other accounts you have. If your Opportunity only consists of one loan, both bars on the Opportunity Summary side of the footer will be identical.




You can click the Deposits tab on the right side of the screen to add deposit accounts to this Opportunity. If deposit products have not been enabled by your administrator(s), you will not be able to view the 'Deposits' tab or add deposit products until a deposit product is enabled. In this example, the tab of the left shows that the deposits are raising the Opportunity ROE above the adjusted Target. Therefore, it might be possible to offer a more aggressive rate on the loan if the customer is willing to bring their deposit relationship. Effectively, this helps you use the deposit relationship to build a better deal.

For more information on setting up deposit products, see Setting Up Deposit Products.