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How to Show the APR on your Consumer Loan Rate Sheet?

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When quoting rates on retail consumer loan, it is typically necessary to disclose the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) which takes into account the fees and expenses paid by the borrower in order to comply with Truth-In-Lending standards and other similar regulations.

To enable the APR in a consumer loan rate sheet simply perform the following:


1. Open up the consumer loan rate sheet.

2. In the applicable rate table, click the "Options" field.

3. In the popup window check the box entitled: "Show Estimated APR"

4. Click "Done" to close the popup window.


You will notice that each offered rate in the rate table now includes a value in parentheses () to the right of the stated rate.  This value is the APR. This is the rate required to be disclosed to the retail customer.


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