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The Administration Section

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The Administration Section


Regions & Users

Reporting Regions

Security Profiles




Opportunity Stages



Rates & Indices

Standard Funding Curve Sources

Client Funding Curve Sources

Standard Indices

  • This section allows viewing of common indices that are available in PrecisionLender, as well as their update frequency, and the date they were last updated.

Custom Indices




Print Options

Custom Logo

Borrower Summary



  • This section will only appear if you have Integrations and/or API Access packages enabled by PrecisionLender and you have a security profile permission enabled for 'Manage API Access'


Universal Assumptions

  • This section will only appear if you have the Swaps package enabled by PrecisionLender and if your security profile has the "Manage Assumptions" permission. Currently, the only permission in this area is Amortizing Swap Fees. By default, this will be set to No. Changing it to Yes will amortize the Swap Fee over the life of the loan, instead of applying it to the first month of the loan.
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