Salesforce: Using a workflow to populate a user's PrecisionLender Username


The PrecisionLender Salesforce Connector, by default, assumes that the Salesforce username will be the same as the PrecisionLender username for your users.

When this is not the case, the connector provides a separate field on the User record (PrecisionLender Username) to override the Salesforce username with a different value.


The process below describes how one might use a Salesforce workflow to automatically populate the custom PrecisionLender Username field with a value that is a known variant of the Salesforce Username.

For example... swap ".net" for ".com":

  • Salesforce Username -
  • PrecisionLender Username -

However, this same procedure could also be used to populate the PrecisionLender Username from another field such as email address from the Salesforce User record.


1. Salesforce User Record showing empty PrecisionLender Username


2. Create a new WorkFlow Rule

In the Salesforce setup area, create a new workflow that applies to the User object


3. Name and configure the Workflow Rule

  • Suggested Name = Update PrecisionLender Username
  • Criteria:
    • When = created, and every time it's updated
    • Rule = Active equals True
  • The save the rule


4. Create a new Workflow Action to update a field

Add a new Workflow Action of type Field Update


5. Use the formula editor to create your new PrecisionLender username