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Getting Started With PrecisionLender API

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Several of our clients use the PrecisionLender API to automate repetitive processes and enhance their workflow both upstream and downstream from pricing.

PrecisionLender can provide specific API "recipes" to meet any or all of your data needs, no matter which external system you would like to integrate with. We provide documentation and code samples to get you started, and will work with you to ensure you get the best value out of this service.


PrecisionLender API authentication is handled with Basic Authentication using a PrecisionLender Service User Account. The details for setting up this user can be found here:

The service user credentials are passed in every API endpoint call using OAuth 2.0 or Basic Authentication

Our API Recipes

Here's a quick overview:

Loan Origination Systems

The LOS API is used to integrate your PrecisionLender data with your Loan Origination System. Here you can utilize these endpoints to pull Opportunity and Relationship financial statement data into your system in a format that is optimized for the loan approval submission process.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

The CRM API provides endpoints to both pull and push data to and from PrecisionLender to your CRM system. We also offer established implementations for the Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Salescloud, if you would prefer a packaged solution.

Pipeline Systems

Pipeline systems are loan management solutions that can track the progress of your opportunity from initial lead to submission for approval. Our Pipeline API offers a recipe of endpoints enabling you to integrate your PrecisionLender data at every step of this process.

There are also recipes for User Management operations, Administrative and System operations, and Data Ingress (Relationship Awareness data uploads)


Next Steps

If you are a PrecisionLender user who thinks this service could be beneficial to your bank, please contact us by submitting a request below with "API Access Request" as the subject line. From there the PrecisionLender Integrations team will be in touch to establish the best API for your needs and enable your access. In the meantime, feel free to explore our Developer Portal.

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