Whether via traditional or express onboarding paths, PrecisionLender will work closely with the institution's onboarding team to setup the pricing solution from start to finish. Below is a list of activities included in that setup process. Following the configuration stage, PrecisionLender will hold Lender Strategy Session(s) to train the commercial lenders on how to use the solution.

Basic Setup


Credit Migration and Risk Calcs Analysis


Product Setup


Assumptions Validation


ROE Targets


Engaging The Users

  • Executive Strategy Session: Before rolling out PrecisionLender to the entire organization, we will conduct an Executive Strategy Session to review and discuss recommended practices for lenders’ use of the system (in other words, establish a pricing expectation policy).
  • Lender Strategy Session(s): PrecisionLender will hold lender strategy session(s) to onboard the lenders and credit staff. Typically, we like to set aside 2-3 hours per session to ensure we have enough time to show the solution and how the lenders will be using it on a daily basis as well as allow time for the lenders to ask questions and run through examples. We are happy to conduct multiple training sessions (at multiple sites, if necessary) to help get all the lenders onboard.