What is changing?

The Renewals report is being enhanced with more information on upcoming LOC renewals.

Location: Data Library

New Fields:

New Field Name Data Type Description
Average Balance double 12-month time-weighted rolling average balance for the account, based on the balance field provided in RA
Utilization double Average Balance divided by the Commitment
Risk Rating string Risk rating associated with the account
Facility Rating string Facility rating associated with the account
Fees Annual Dollars double Annual value of fees on the account
Fees Initial Dollars double Full unamortized amount of origination fees
Unused LOC Fees double The unused LOC fee expressed as a percent


Why is it changing?

These columns provide more details about the LOC account that is up for renewal and allow the renewals skill to prefill more fields on a renewal opportunity.


Which datasets are impacted?

  • Renewals


How does my bank need to prepare for these changes?

The addition of these columns will not affect any existing pipelines. The additional columns may be used after the release and will be integrated into the renewals skill


When are these changes happening?

These changes went into effect on Monday, 16th of October 2023.