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2016-05-20 - Release Notes

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Important New Features

  • New HTML5 Version of the Administration Screen released.
  • Added the ability to set a default for Rate or Spread Lock.
  • Added 18 and 24 month Rate Lock durations.
  • Added Amortizing Level Principal Payment Type.
  • Added options to specify the month of first payment
  • Added date field to the All Opportunities Data feed so that users can set the start date for the data.
  • Added a new Data Feeds Section
  • Added the Officer Codes to the User page.
  • Removed the Transfer and Delete Rights from Opportunities
  • Added fields to the Dashboard Exports:
    • Spread lock / Rate lock
    • Prepayment Option


Additional Feature & Bug Fixes

Opportunities & Relationships

  • Fixed and issue with the search function on the opportunity and relationship grids that was incorrectly adjusting users search words.
  • Improved load speed by adding paging to the relationship grid.
    • The Relationship grid will now show the first 500 relationships that match the selected criteria.
    • Additional relationships can be browsed by using the next page feature at the bottom of the grid.
  • Users ability to view opportunities will no longer be dependent on their right to view the attached relationships
  • Enhanced Caps & Floor Summary Text to show the detail of the Max Adjustments. Example: "2/2/7 Max Adjustment"
  • Negative amounts are now allowed on Pretax income for "Other Accounts". 
  • Core accounts are now sorted in descending order, by Average balance, on the relationship screen and the relationship impact tab.
  • Closing out of an opportunity will now return a user to the same view they had when they clicked into the opportunity.
  • Default Fixed Rate Lock now displays on the commercial loan account printouts.
  • Fixed the issue where certain Opportunity Close Dates near the beginning of the year were showing one year prior in the Opportunity Grid.
  • Fixed the bug which prevented opportunities to be disassociated with relationship when relationship are merged
  • Letter of credit type was added to the full opportunity printout and is shown when the payment type is letter of credit.
  • Fixed an issue with the display order on other and deposit products. Now, each product should have a distinct display order from the time of provisioning and forward.
  • Updated functionality for those products marked as pipeline-use only. ROE calculations and other functionality is hidden on the opportunity screen.
  • Fixed opportunity printouts to correctly name conversion loans based on when they originate


  • Fixed issue with "Custom" origination and servicing channels being created when using the Replace With feature.
  • Region tabs in the Product Edit Screen now display in a consistent order.
  • The Default Floor field defined when setting up a loan product will now be placed into the loan when a new opportunity is created with that product type or the loan product type is added to an existing opportunity.
  • Consumer products will now only show up in the admin products screen if the client has the Consumer Lending Package or the new Relationship Awareness Consumer Products Package
  • Added duplicate checks for risk rating durations and servicing and origination channel amounts
  • While editing a commercial loan product the Default Fixed Rate Lock field no longer jumps around when checking and unchecking the User Can Specify Expected Life check box.

Rate Sheets

  • Rate Sheets will now export in the same order as they are displayed on screen.

Relationship Awareness Processing

  • Consumer loan imports during relationship awareness will now always use the product's default recovery rate. (Affects Consumer Loans only)
  • Improved collateral handling during Relationship Awareness to properly remove pieces when they are no longer sent in by the core system. A default piece of collateral will be applied if the product is set up to do so.


  • Added the Los Id field to the Opportunity POST API endpoint
  • Opportunity Summaries public API endpoint has been added to the portal.
  • Added an endpoint to the Public API to retrieve Log records
  • Public API endpoint to get an opportunity by id
  • Relationship and Relationship Summaries Public API Endpoints
  • Added a Heartbeat Public API Endpoint
  • Opportunity requested call the Public API endpoint. Enabled mapping of additional fields in Dynamics.
  • Added a Log endpoint to post messages to PrecisionLender
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