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2016-07-05 - Release Notes

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Important New Features




Additional Feature & Bug Fixes

Opportunities & Relationships

  • Draws & Repays:
    • Added a warning when the Draw amount exceeds the commitment.
    • Added validation to prevent negative draw and repay amounts.
    • Added a balance vs time chart to the Draws/Repays popup.
  • Corrected Profitability Wizard language to "Adding X to Initial Fee reaches the target" from "An Initial Fee Of X reaches the target" whenever there is already a fee.
  • Corrected issue causing the collateral value to reset when the loan amount is set to zero.
  • Corrected an issue so that new opportunities now load in the default stage.
  • Pipeline Only products can now be transferred and deleted.
  • Corrected an issue of fees not recalculating when updating an assumption set.
  • If you are able to open an opportunity, you are now assumed to be able to see any attached relationship.
  • More accurately identified estimated FTP values for active loan accounts on the Relationship Screen.
  • Relationship Merge:
    • Searching during a merge will no longer list relationships already set to merge.
    • Removed the ability to merge a relationship into itself
    • Corrected an issue that caused merged relationships to be deleted.
  • "Payoff Expected Date" asterisk now only shows on core accounts when the Payoff Expected Date is set.
  • Discrepancies have been cleared up between the relationship page and its printout.
    • Payoff/Renewal on the charts.
    • Loan Amount Commitment total in the Opportunities sections.
    • Total of Average Loan Balances in the Opportunities sections.
  • Corrected an error that could leave deleted relationships attached to an opportunity.
  • Corrected a scroll bar issue on the filter bar drop-down menu.
  • Corrected an issue with the export so that we now always show data from the user's home region when it is selected.
  • Added Scenario Weight to the Dashboard export.
  • Added Participation Annual and Upfront Fees to the Dashboard export.




  • Corrected an issue causing deleted regions to show up on the Security Profile Screen.
  • Removed FHLB Seattle as a selectable funding curve.
  • Removed the displayed list of system admin names from the Salesforce user locked out error page.
  • Changed current engine version to 1.6 to improve the cost of funds calculations for adjustable rate loans by inferring Raw Rates funding curve from provided All In Rates funding curve and Liquidity curve.
  • The "Pipeline Use Only" check box now applies across all regions of the product. 


Data Feeds

  • Improved formatting of the Data Feed IQY files.
  • Added a filter date for the All Opportunities - Account Level Data Feed.
  • Added Strategic Relationship ROE to the Opportunities Not Closed Data Feed.
  • Added "Exempt From IP Address Filters" column to the Login Usage Data Feed.
  • Corrected an issue so that the notes show on the data feeds for all product types.



  • Added Webhooks so that users can subscribe to be notified whenever an opportunity is created, updated, or deleted.
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