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Why Did I Get This Email?

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Opportunities linked to relationships that are split

This feature impacts Relationship Awareness clients only.

The relationship landscape is dynamic. Relationship Families are composed of one or more Primary Relationships and over time, these Primary Relationships can merge into and split from families as your customers grow and evolve. These merges and splits can be controlled by your organization's core system so when PrecisionLender detects these changes, it can impact open Opportunities. When this happens, we send out an automated email to the Opportunity owners to let them know that something has changed.

Why am I getting this email?

You received this email because you are the owner for one or more Opportunities which was linked with a Relationship Family that has been split in the last Relationship Awareness run. We linked the Opportunity with one of the Relationships but the selected one may not be the correct one.

What should I do about this email?

Since the Relationship is a very important part of the Opportunity, we recommend that you confirm the newly assigned relationship is correct for the opportunity. The email contains the name of the previous relationship as well as the name of the relationship that was split out.

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