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2017-01-25 - New Rate Type: Swap

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A new Payment Type, Swap, has been added to PrecisionLender.  This payment type will allow the use of indicative pricing from your swaps provider, as well as make it easier for lenders to get a quote for their specific swap.



Once you enter the Rate Type as a Swap, you'll see a number of changes on the Opportunity screen. Clicking the Swap Information field will open a pop-up with more detailed Swap data.




In order to price Swaps in PrecisionLender, you'll need to enable Swaps and then your local administrator will need to add Swaps as an allowable rate type for each Product you want to use Swaps with. If you're interested in enabling Swaps, reach out to your CSM or to Support. To learn more about our Swap functionality, visit Interest Rate Swaps.




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