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2016-8-5 - Borrower Summary Printout

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What is the Borrower Summary Printout?

The Borrower Summary Printout is a visual tool to assist with communication between a lender and borrower. It is designed to be given to the borrower, as a record of the scenarios you have discussed.


Where is the Borrower Summary Printout located?

Once enabled, the Borrower Summary Printout can be accessed on the Opportunity Screen, under the "Print" drop down menu.


How do I Enable the Borrower Summary Printout?

If you have the "Manage Assumptions" right, you can enable this printout in the Administration Section under the "Print Options" tab. 

By clicking on "Borrower Summary", you can check the box to enable this printout for your lenders, as well as enter a custom footer that will display on each page. 




Example Printout:

The first page shows a summary of all scenarios in the opportunity, followed by a detail page for each scenario. 

  • Summary Page: Shows basic information about each scenario for the purposes of comparison.

  • Detail Page


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