Accessing Advanced Analytics

On the Opportunity Screen, click the Advanced Analytics button on the upper right side.


Shows where to select Advanced Analytics on the toolbar of the opportunity screen


This opens the Analytics screen with options for Profitability, Credit Risk, and Amortization on the side.



The Profitability section is focused on factors that impact the profitability of the loan. For this example, we are displaying Net Income, ROA, and ROE. However, the profitability measures may be different on your screen.


Rate Sensitivity

  • This will only be displayed for fixed rate loans

The Rate Sensitivity Graph shows the profitability of a fixed rate loan


This graph shows the Initial Rate versus return and where the current Rate is compared to the suggested Rate to meet the Target Return on a fixed rate loan.


Spread Sensitivity

  • This will only be displayed for floating rate loans

The Spread Sensitivity Graph shows the profitability of a floating rate loan


This displays the resulting return as we change the Spread of the floating rate loan, and where the current rate is compared to the target.


Rate and Spread Sensitivity

  • This will only be displayed for adjustable rate loans

The Rate and Spread Sensitivity shows the profitability of an adjustable rate loan


Rather than show the return versus either the Initial Rate or the Spread, we have instead calculated the Rate vs the Spread, displayed 30-40 values that will hit the target exactly (though some are teaser rates, left of the target), and additionally what combinations would be below target (red area) and which would be above (green) and where the Current and Target suggestions are.


LOC Usage Sensitivity

  • This will only be displayed for lines of credit

The LOC Usage Sensitivity chart shows the ROE of lines of credit


The LOC Utilization Sensitivity chart shows the return for the range from 0% to 100% utilization and where the return is on that line based on the current loan details. This example shows us the importance of either a high level of confidence in our Estimated Utilization or a good reason to considering adjustments to the fee structure.



Credit Risk

The Credit Risk section is focused on factors that impact the credit risk associated with the loan.


The Credit Risk Rating Sensitivity shows the ROE and Net Income for five risk ratings


This chart shows us two ratings on either side of our current Risk Rating. We can see the impact if the actual Risk Rating is below or above our expectations and what that means not only in terms of return but also Net Income and the Equivalent amount of Rate from our current position.


Collateral Sensitivity

  • This will only be displayed if you have collateral attached to this loan

The Collateral Sensitivity chart shows the impact of collateral value on ROE


For Collateral Sensitivity, we calculate the return from 50% below the Collateral Value to 50% above so we can see the relative impact to return across a fairly wide range.




The "Amortization" section displays the amortization table for this loan. For more information on the Amortization table, see Understanding the Amortization Table

You can use the "Copy to Clipboard" button and easily transfer it over to Excel.


The Amortization table displays amortization information over the life of the loan


When you paste this information into Excel, if some of the information is pasted as pound signs, you can easily fix this by widening the columns.


The exported Amortization table may show pound signs but can be fixed by widening columns


Follow the directions in Microsoft's Support Article to change the column width to automatically fit the contents.




The Information section allows you to select the desired scenario from a drop-down menu, and displays the Short Code for each loan in the selected scenario. This can then be copied to the clipboard.


Shows the information section



Scenario Comparison

The Scenario Comparison section shows the financial statement, as it appears in the opportunity, for each scenario currently being priced.


Shows the Scenario Comparison with three scenarios


You can hover over the columns to see additional financial information for each scenario in the chart.


Shows the detailed information in a pop-up window


You can use the "Copy to Clipboard" button and easily transfer it over to Excel.


Shows the Scenario Comparison in a excel spreadsheet



Horizon Financials

The Horizon Financials section shows the financial statement, as it appears in the opportunity, for each scenario being priced for specific durations of the loan.


Shows the scenario comparison for the first 2 years


Just like with the financial statement in the opportunity screen, hovering over the amount on each line item except for the capital and funding sections will display the following values:

  • Percent of Interest Income
  • Percent of Average Balance
  • Percent of Average Equity

The drop-down menu at the top allows you to select the financial statements for different durations of the loan (the first year, the first two years, the first three years, etc.) until its maturity. You can also choose to see the financial statements for the entire term by selecting "Lifetime".


Shows the horizon drop-down menu with different periods


The Copy to Clipboard button at the top allows you to copy this information to your clipboard to paste into Excel.


Shows the financial horizon in a excel spreadsheet