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2016-09-07 - PrecisionLender on iPad Beta Release

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PrecisionLender is now ready for iPads!

When you access the Opportunity screen on an iPad, tapping a non-numeric field will bring up the standard iPad keyboard, and selecting a numeric field will bring up the new input pictured here. Additionally, your Profitability Wizard suggestions and target/current ROE can be viewed while using the new input, making it easier for you to access all the information you need to price deals using your iPad.


Please note that these changes only apply to iPads.  

  • If you're not using a computer, PrecisionLender will act the way it always has.
  • If you access PrecisionLender on another tablet, it will bring up your tablet's native keyboard.

Currently, Rate Sheets are the only area of PrecisionLender that are not iPad ready yet but we are working to correct that.

We're excited about these changes and we think this will improve your experience using iPads to price Opportunities. If you have any issues or suggestions on how we can make this even better, please contact Support at or 1-877-506-2744.




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