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2016-09-14 - Release Notes

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Important New Features



Additional Feature and Bug Fixes 

Opportunities & Relationships

  • Corrected an issue so the FTP source will now correctly show "Estimated" or "Imported" based on the scenario.
  • Corrected an issue so that short term loans are detected when FTP Cost of Funds is imported during RA.
  • The Profitability Wizard popups will no longer fall out of window view when the window is resized.
  • Percentile columns in the relationship grid and relationship selector are now sorting correctly.
  • Corrected an issue causing the display order for Deposit and Commercial Loan Products to duplicate.
  • The list of available conversion products will no longer include disabled products.
  • When updating the assumption set for an opportunity, any conversion loans that are no longer available will now be properly removed.
  • Users can no longer click the "Save Transfer" button in a stage they cannot save.
  • Activity Based Fees now include decimals for unit costs.
  • Other Income will now show correctly on the Executive Summary Printout.
  • Letter Of Credit Payment Type will no longer cause an error when opening an existing opportunity with a relationship.
  • Printout browser headers will now reflect the name of the actual printout being shown. Also, when saving a printout the default file name will be name of the printout from the application.
  • Corrected an issue so that the Financial Statements tab will no longer display images and hover text on top of the Advanced Analytics screen when open in the background.
  • Corrected an issue in the Relationship Impact screen so that Core Other Fee accounts associated with that relationship will show correct values.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the index family to change when adjustment frequency was modified.
  • The Profitability Wizard will no longer show suggestions for Maturity and Amortization term if the suggestion is the same as the current value.
  • Deleting scenarios with activity based fees should now function properly.
  • Fixed issue causing new products to have very high Origination/Servicing Channels that could not be edited.
  • The Amortization Schedule will now update correctly for an adjustable rate loan using FHLB when the adjustment frequency is changed.
  • Loan accounts are now correctly sorted by the Display order.
  • Fixed issue causing the numeric iPad input to fail when not on the Opportunity screen.
  • Valid collateral with disabled collateral types will now display correctly on the Relationship and Relationship Impact screens.
  • Added dialog for a relationship to indicate it is managed in Salesforce.
  • The Adjustment Frequency field now displays in months.
  • The pricing date will no longer show yesterday's date when pricing new loans in the application.
  • Added Percentage of Commitment for Draws and Repays.
  • Added ability to filter scenarios to print in Borrower Summary Printout.



  • Changes made to the logo or footer text will cause the Borrower Summary Printout to refresh.
  • Regional Close Loans rights now give users access to close loans in any visible region.
  • Users can now add "Simple Fee" and "Activity Based" Other products.
  • Earnings credits can be added to Deposit products.
  • Libor 20-Year will no longer show in the Standard Indices area.


Rate Sheets

  • Caps and Floors will now display three places past the decimal in Rate Sheets printouts.



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