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2016-10-24 - Release Notes

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Important New Features

Additional Features and Bug Fixes

Opportunities and Relationships

  • Added a mouse hover popup to the loans toggle on the Financial Statements tab.
  • Added a mouse hover popup to the link icons in the Relationship Impact tab.
  • Adding and removing an "At Risk" relationship multiple times to an opportunity no longer causes issues saving the opportunity.
  • Association only relationships will now follow the same renaming policy as relationships with accounts.
  • Renamed the Commitment field to Current Commitment in the Payoff/Renewal popup.
  • Fixed an error where FTP financial statements were not being displayed for relationships.
  • Fixed a typo in the Relationship Split data feed.
  • All relationships should now be ranked by strategic net income as originally designed.
  • Fixed an error preventing printing for some users.
  • Numbers on iPad will now display to three decimal places for percentages.
  • Improved PrecisionLender logo display on iPad.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Month field in the amortization popup to display the wrong keyboard.
  • The Full Opportunity printout will now reflect relationship changes even if the opportunity has not changed.
  • Other Accounts mapped to activity-based fees or one-time revenue products will no longer be processed in Relationship Awareness.
  • Profitability Wizard suggestions will now show on printouts in the Notes field on the Financial Statement page.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Expected life is less than maturity" tag showed when the amortization was less than the maturity. The tag now reads "Amortization is less than expected life."
  • Fixed an issue causing the opportunity dashboard hover charts to be missing their title.
  • When the Risk Rating is changed in an opportunity, the Risk Rating Expense Factors will now be properly applied to the Servicing and Origination channels.
  • Widened the Origination and Servicing Channel drop downs.
  • Added a link to the Payoffs/Renewals support article in the Payoffs/Renewals dialog box.
  • We will no longer automatically split lender managed relationships in Relationship Awareness.
  • Added a custom input for numbers on iPad.
  • Users can now enter other products with revenue rather than pretax income.
  • The Notes tab is now available for Pipeline Only products.
  • The relationship selector in an opportunity now displays the lender's relationships first, ordered by lender's percentile, followed by all other relationships ordered by the bank's percentile
  • The PrecisionLender logo has been replaced with a double chevron icon () marking clickable items.
  • Added a mouse hover popup to the charts in the Relationship Impact tab and the relationship screen that shows actual, target, and delta Net Income and ROE.
  • Added variable fixed expenses as a percentage of total commitment or average balance.



  • Added "UTC" (Universal Time Coordinated) to the Last Login field in the Users Report
  • The Send Welcome Email button is now disabled correctly for users who do not have the proper rights to press it.
  • The consumer loan product edit screen now properly labels the servicing expense amount as annual, not monthly.
  • Fixed an issue where PrecisionLender always printed the first product in the list when printing individual consumer loan products.
  • When viewing a user's profile, the Locked Out check box will now show a proper date and time label showing exactly when the user will become unlocked. If the user is locked out indefinitely, the check box will read "Locked Out".
  • Reordered the Status dropdown on the opportunity stage configuration screen.



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