The Products Grid

The Products Grid in Administrations is where you can view all products that are currently enabled for your organization.  


Creating A New Product

  • Clicking the "New" button above the grid will create a new product.
  • If you would like to start with the settings of a current product, you can click the copy icon, copy icon, next to the product you would like to start with.

Reordering Products

  • Clicking the "Reorder" button above the grid will allow you to change the order in which the products are displayed.
  • Click the "Move Product Up" and "Move Product Down" buttons in the pop-up to edit the products' order.
  • Click "Refresh" to refresh the page and see changes you have made.

Printing Products

  • You can click the "Print" button above the grid to print information about all Products, or click each product's name to print each one individually.
  • Clicking "List" will print a list of all Products structured similarly to the Grid, showing the same fields (Name, Base Target Return, Last Modified, Last Modified By)
  • Clicking "Package" will print a more detailed report showing the assumptions for all Products in the grid.
    • This report can be very large, depending on the number of products included, and may take some time to load. If your computer does not have sufficient memory to open the Package, you may print each product's package individually.

Copying Products

  • You can copy a product by clicking the copy icon, copy icon, next to the product you would like to copy.
  • Clicking the copy icon will open the product edit screen and allow you to make changes to the new copy of the original product.

Propagating Changes To Loan Products


Propagating product settings is only available for Loan Products.

  • You can copy a specific setting or several settings from one product to one or several other products quickly by clicking the propagate icon, propogate_icon.png, next to the product with a setting you would like to copy.
  • After selecting the propagate icon next to the product you'd like to copy settings from, a new window will open. You can then select which region's settings you'd like to copy from, as well as which specific settings from that region you'd like to copy. Only the specific settings selected will be copied to the other product(s).


    • Settings that can be propagated include:
      • Risk Ratings
      • Collateral Types
      • Guarantee Types
      • Origination Channels
      • Servicing Channels
      • Prepayment Options
      • Target Return Adjustments
        • This propagates changes to the Adjusted Target ROE field that appears at the top of the product edit screen. This does not make changes to Target ROE adjustments that appear in other areas of the product.
      • Facility Ratings, if applicable
  • Once you select the region and setting(s) you'd like to copy from, select 'Next'. You can then select the product or products you'd like to copy the setting(s) to, as well as which specific region(s) you'd like to copy them to. Once you've made your selections, select 'Next'.


  • A confirmation window will then appear indicating the setting(s) to be copied and the product(s) to be copied to.


  • Select 'Save' to complete the changes.


If the setting that is copied doesn't differ from the settings in a product that it is being copied to, the products copied to during propagation will still show a 'Last Modified' date because although no changes were made, a save occurred. 

Deleting Products

  • You can delete products to hide them from view and make them unavailable for future opportunities by clicking the delete icon, trashcan icon, next to the product you wish to delete.
  • Please note that this will delete the product for everyone, in all regions.
  • Deleting products does not remove the product from existing opportunities. However, if the pricing date of an opportunity is updated to a future date, the product will no longer be available.


 Show Disabled Products


  • Checking this box will un-hide disabled products in the grid.
  • Products can be enabled via the "Product Enabled" checkbox at the top of the product edit screen.


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