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2016-10-24 - Ability to Delete Products

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You can now delete products in PrecisionLender to remove them from view and make them unavailable for future opportunities. A trash can icon has been added next to each product displayed on the “Products” screen in the Administration Section for users with the “Manage Products” right.


To delete a product:

  • Click the Products tab in the Administration Section
  • Click the trash can icon next to the product that you no longer need

  • When prompted, click “Delete” to confirm that you wish to delete the selected product


You can delete a product when you know that you won’t need that product again. If you want to make a product unavailable but you may need the product again, PrecisionLender offers the ability to disable a product to remove it from view with the option to enable it again later.


For more information on deleting, disabling, and managing products, please see The Products Grid.

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