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Delivery To Promise Dashboard

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After an opportunity with promised deposits has been Closed-Won, how do you track whether or not the borrower actually delivered on their promise to transfer their deposit(s)? PrecisionLender's Delivery To Promise dashboard can help. The Delivery To Promise dashboard is a visual representation of the actual deposit types and balances tied to relationships flowing over from your core system vs. the deposit types and amount that were promised by the borrower in the Closed-Won opportunity within a specific date range.  

Below is a tour and explanation of the dashboard, which is accessible by navigating to the 'Relationships' grid, and clicking 'Dashboard'. Access to the Delivery to Promise dashboard is controlled by a setting in your Security Profile, so if you don't see the dashboard, please check your Security Profile or reach out to your local administrator for help.




Filters will adjust what gets included in the chart and grid below.


Filter Bar 

The opportunities loaded for the chart adhere to the filter bar. Region, User, and date.



Filter Drop-Downs



 1 - By Relationship (Default) or Lender

 2 - By Product

    • Deposits or Other Accounts (Default)
    • Deposit Accounts
    • Other Accounts 

 3 - By Deposit Type

    • All Deposits (Default)
    • Zero Interest Demand
    • Interest Bearing Demand
    • Timed Deposit


Time Duration Filter

Only opportunities closed within time duration specified will show up in the chart. 


Table Bar & Rows



There is a bar for each Relationship or Lender, depending on the grouping selected.

The widths of the bars are proportional to Promised Deposits. Larger Promised deposits have wider bars.

  • Width – The widths of the bars are proportional to Promised Deposits. Larger Promised deposits have wider bars.
  • Height - Bar height is proportional to the share of Promised Deposits
  • Bar Fill – Lighter color signifies "Promised" deposits, darker color signifies "Delivered" deposits
  • Hover – Hovering over the bar produces a popup.
    • Group Title
    • Promised
    • Delivered
    • Return – weight average opportunity return
    • Loans Return – weight average loans return
    • Opportunity Count



  • Promised - The total Average Deposit Balance from all of the relationship's/lender's opportunities
  • Delivered – The total change in deposit balance from the close date of the oldest opportunity for each relationship.
  • Loans Only Return – The weighted average loans return for all of the opportunities. The weighted average = sum of loans net income / sum of loans average equity
  • Loans Target Return - The weighted average loans' Return Targets for all of the opportunities.




The Grid contains all the opportunities that are represented in the chart. Any filters applied to the chart are applied to the grid. By default, the grid is sorted alphabetically by "Relationship", but can be sorted by all of the other column headers with a simple click. You can access any individual Relationship or Opportunity by clicking the name (which is a hyperlink). 

If a Relationship has multiple Opportunities associated with it, a "+" will show up to the left of the Relationship. Click the "+" to expand the grid and view associated Opportunities. NOTE: The "Lender" listed on the Grid is the lenders associated with the "Relationship", not the "Opportunity".


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