In our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of Q2's services, we are reaching out to ensure that you have essential information regarding Q2's hosting IP infrastructure. We are partnering with Cloudflare, a content delivery and cybersecurity provider.


Will our financial institution be affected by this change?

You may be affected if your IT department set up your corporate firewall/proxy to whitelist the IP address of our server for access and/or our PLI executable for Relationship Awareness.  Please note that this is not done within PrecisionLender, but in your corporate IT network.


What if I we don't update our IP address whitelists?

If you do not update your corporate network settings, your users will not be able to reach the PrecisionLender application and Relationship Awareness file transfers using PLI will not be successful.


When is this change taking effect?

Our technical teams will begin adding the Cloudflare layers on Friday, March 1st, 2024 from 9PM to 12AM EST.


What action do I need to take?

Share this update with your IT partners. If your IT department has set up your corporate network settings to allow access to PrecisionLender by IP address whitelisting, they will need to add this IP address to your corporate network settings to allow access to PrecisionLender. We recommend that our clients do not whitelist PrecisionLender by IP address, but if necessary, we highly recommend that you whitelist Q2’s entire public IP space ( no later than February 29th (2/29/2024).


Why is Q2 making this change?

Q2 believes in an in depth security strategy. Adding Cloudflare Layer 3 and Layer 7 network and security solutions at Q2’s perimeter further enhances our security posture. Furthermore, Cloudflare enables Q2’s Distributed Cloud Architecture where workloads can be widely distributed across both Q2’s Private and Public Clouds. This architecture ensures that we are protecting our entire Hosting footprint more evenly and more consistently.


How do I get more information?

Reach out to Support via phone (877) 506-2744 or email with any technical or security related questions in advance of this change.