• We've added the ability for clients to define their own custom forward premium rates for fixed rate locks in PrecisionLender based on rate lock duration (e.g. 30, 60, 90 days) and loan term. If custom rates are entered, we will continue to use the funding curve but will use the custom forward premium rate instead of PrecisionLender's forward premium rate lock calculations.
  • We have updated our Country Regulatory Risk Weights based on the OECD last publication on Country Risk Classification
  • We've updated Andi in PrecisionLender with a context query that checks for a queried value being included or excluded from a provided array value, and a bug fix for validation on form text fields
  • We've reverted the changes to Other Fees and Treasury accounts we recently introduced where calculations for their servicing values when revenue was negative were floored to zero. To see these calculation changes, you may need to update your opportunity's pricing date.