PrecisionLender allows you to add both fees charged to the borrower and fees incurred by the bank to an opportunity. This article covers fees charged to the borrower; for initial or ongoing expense charged to the bank, please see Setting Up and Managing Origination Channels and Setting Up and Managing Servicing Channels.


In order to add a fee to an opportunity, click the Fees field in an opportunity.

Shows opportunity screen with fee field highlighted


This will bring up the Fees popup, where you can enter both initial (one-time) fees and annual fees.


Shows Initial and Annual fees pop-up window


  • You can enter your Initial Fees as a percentage of the loan amount or as a dollar amount. The total Initial Fees are shown in bold.
  • You can add Annual Fees as a dollar amount or in bps. If you want to charge a monthly fee, just multiply that by 12 to give you an annual amount and enter it here.


You can see the effect of your fees on the Financial Statements, under the Interest Income section. Keep in mind that all information shown on the Financial Statements is annualized. For more information on reading the Financial Statements, visit Understanding Financial Statements.