Important New Features

  • When pricing a new opportunity, if no deposit products are enabled, then the deposits tab will not be visible on both the pricing screen and assumptions screen within the opportunity. Additionally, the deposits column will not show on the financial statement within the opportunity.



  • Improved session timeout tracking to include all clicks throughout the application in addition to the database changes.

  • When an opportunity is tied to a pricing region that has been deleted, the pricing region will be updated to the home region of the lender assigned to the opportunity.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where strategic instead of FTP values were showing on the Relationship Grid when FTP is enabled as the default value.

  • Fixed an issue where Earnings on Capital was not showing on the financial statement in Relationship Impact.

  • Fixed an issue where the payoffs for alternate scenarios were not reflecting in Relationship Impact.
  • Fixed an issue where the ROE Target Adjustment column in the risk ratings section of the consumer loan product printout was showing. 

  • Fixed an issue where Letter of Credit was showing as an available consumer loan product in Rate Sheets.

  • Fixed an issue where the Opportunity Dashboard did not export when the Target ROE was Null.