PrecisionLender administrators have access to a login history report within the application. This report is aimed at IT and security personnel wishing to audit their specific account for access history to PrecisionLender.


Accessing the Login History Report

  • This report can be accessed from the clock next to the Security Audit button on the Administration page and will open up a new window with the login history report.
    • You will have to have administrative rights in order to access this report.



Events Captured

  • We capture the following events:
    • Username 
    • The date and time the user logged in
    • If the login attempt was successfully authenticated
      • If the result is False, then the 'Auth Failure Reason' will indicate the reason in the Security Audit Report 
    • The IP address of the login attempt
    • If a user impersonation login was made by a PrecisionLender Support team member

Shows the Users Login History report


For more information on users, see Setting Up Users.