Important New Features

  • You can now print a Scenario Comparison Report when you're pricing an Opportunity that has more than one scenario.  Find this new report in the Print drop down menu.  The Scenario Comparison Report will allow you to see the details of your scenarios, including the interest income, net interest income, capital and exposure amounts, the percent of Average Balance, and the Return.  Be sure to enable popups for PrecisionLender in order to open up the report successfully.  If your Opportunity has only one scenario, then the Scenario Comparison Report option will be grayed out in the Print drop down menu.



  • The Opportunity Grid will now show only the Opportunity Stages that have a status associated with them
  • Administrators now have the option to print Service Users

  • Updated the hover text on the Financial Statements tab to show Average Regulatory Capital and Average Economic Capital as Percent of Average Balance 

  • Updated the Risk Ratings Standard Set for Product Setup


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Annual Premium Received value did not update when changing the payment type
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Prepayment Options could be selected when editing the Product Configuration

  • Fixed an issue where missing values would cause Andi® to freeze