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2018-04-10 Release Notes

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Important New Features

  • For Commercial Loan Products, Admins are now able to disable the fixed period on adjustable rate loans. This new 'Disable Fixed Period' checkbox will be visible in the Policies and Defaults section of the Product Edit Screen for Allowable Adjustable Index Families. By default, this option is disabled. Without the fixed period, lenders will be able to price common adjustable rate loan structures such as a 5/5 or a 2/2 at an index plus a spread, rather than being forced to enter in a fixed period and initial rate.
  • The ability to set a Default Dashboard is now available as a Security Profile Setting in the Visibility section. When this setting is enabled, users with this permission will view their Home Region's level of the Opportunity Dashboard when logging in to PrecisionLender instead of their Personal level.  This can be helpful for users that do not own Opportunities and want to see more meaningful data on their Dashboard.  This setting is disabled by default.  When enabled, you can still drill down to the Personal level if desired.



  • Updated the Scenario Comparison Printout to more closely resemble the Financial Statement
  • If Caps & Floors are disabled for your account, you’ll no longer see them referenced on the Financial Statement
  • We won’t list Deposit/Others in the New Opportunity drop-down if Deposit and/or Other Products aren’t enabled for your account
  • Improved the experience switching between Prepayment Options when setting up Products
  • When viewing a product that has regions split out, whichever region tab is selected when you click “Edit” will be selected when the page opens


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an error would appear when you attempted to print some relationships attached to an opportunity with a Closed Won status
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