Important New Features

  • Added the Federal Fund Rates Index as an Allowable Index Family when configuring Products. This new Index Family will appear when you edit or add a new Product in the Administration section and will allow you to price floating and adjustable rate loans off the Federal Funds Rate



  • If you use the Facility Ratings method of calculating Loss Given Default, Administrative users will now have an option to copy Facility Ratings product settings from one Commercial Loan Product to another by clicking the Propagate icon on the Products Grid
  • Redesigned the landing page for clients coming to PrecisionLender from a CRM to make adding products in PrecisionLender easier
  • We'll now show the direction of the Net Income Delta in the Opportunity Dashboard Export


Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the Account Menu hover text on the menu for Other Accounts in the Scenario Builder
  • Fixed an issue for Swap Rate Types where the Swap Information popup was not appearing 
  • Users with only "Manage API Access" rights can now see and access Regions and Users in the Administration section
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur for some opportunities when trying to print
  • Fixed an issue where Net Interest Income in the Amortization table in Advanced Analytics did not include liquidity premiums