How to Restore a Deleted Product or Opportunity

Restoring a Deleted Opportunity

PrecisionLender allows you to delete any opportunities that you own, or for which you have the security profile rights to edit. See The Opportunity Screen for more information on managing opportunities.

If you've deleted an opportunity by accident, it can be restored by contacting the PrecisionLender support team. Be sure to include the name of the deleted opportunity when contacting support.


Restoring a Deleted Product

Products are loans that exist within an opportunity. All products belonging to an opportunity are displayed in the opportunity's product tabs:

The opportunity tabs, shown here, display the products that are part of the opportunity


If you've deleted a loan product by accident, it can be restored if you have not yet exited the opportunity. To restore the deleted product, click "Close" in the top toolbar.

The opportunities toolbar, shown here, will allow you to close out of the opportunity without saving your changes


A pop-up dialog will ask if you want to save changes. Click "Don't Save."

To keep from saving your changes, select


When you return to the opportunity, the product will be restored, since its deletion was not saved. However, any other changes you made to that product, or to other products in the opportunity during that session, will also be erased.