• The close date filter on the Opportunities Grid has moved from the upper right corner of the screen to directly above the grid
  • Removed references to Deposit Products in the Scenario Comparison Printout when there are no Deposit Products enabled for the region
  • Removed references to Deposits and Others in the Current Scenario and Pipeline Scenario names when Deposit and/or Other products are disabled for the region
  • Adjusted the ordering of Allowable Index Families in the Administration section to be more representative of the index families used most frequently
    • Before: Treasury, Libor, Prime, Funding Curve, Custom Indices, Federal Funds
    • Now: Libor, Prime, Treasury, Funding Curve, Federal Funds, Custom Indices


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Opportunities without Risk Ratings weren’t loading correctly
  • Fixed issue where Relationship Details section was not updating when the relationship hierarchy was changed
  • Fixed issue that prevented certain clients using the Salesforce Loan-Centric Connector from deleting loans from Opportunities