• We’ve made some updates to Data Feeds. The All Opportunities – Account Level report and the Active Loan Accounts report will now include Facility Ratings.  The All Opportunities – Account Level report will now contain Account Ids, providing an easier way to distinguish accounts in the reports
    • Data Feeds can be accessed by anyone who has the Data Feed Access permission in their User Profile
    • If your bank does not utilize Facility Ratings, this column in the export will not contain any data
  • We’ll only show Facility Ratings as an option in the Propagate Product Changes window if they are enabled


Administrative Updates

  • Administrators can now select a Custom Index as the Funding Curve Family for Fixed Rate Spread Lock when configuring Regions and Commercial Loan Products.  Custom Indices can be set in the Administration section under Rates & Indices
    • Lenders can see the name of the Funding Curve Family used in the popup next to the Initial Rate field when pricing an Opportunity with a Fixed Rate Type
  • Integrations now has its own section under Administration and Service Users has moved to this new section
    • Previously, Service Users could be found under Regions & Users in the Administration section
    • The Integrations section will appear only if Integrations and API Access are enabled for your account AND your security profile allows Manage API access
  • PrecisionLender now supports the creation of a new type of Service User called a Partner Service User, designed for banks that work with partners who need API access to PrecisionLender. Partner Service Users will have more limited access from standard Service Users.  Please reach out to us at if you are interested in using this feature
  • Officer Codes are now available in the Users printout
    • Click the Print button beside Users in the Administration section to access the printout


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Products with Origination or Servicing Channels enabled could not be edited
  • Fixed an issue where the browser would become unresponsive when accessing the Credit Risk tab in the Advanced Analytics section for Term Loan Products