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2018-07-05 Release Notes

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Administrative Updates

  • Clients who do not include capital in funding may now use Net Interest Income as revenue, instead of Gross Revenue, in Operational Risk Capital Calculations
    • This new option will appear for Administrators when configuring Consumer Loan, Commercial Loan, and Deposit Products
    • By default, this new option is NOT selected when editing existing products but is selected by default when creating new products


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Andi® suggestion for Loan-to-Value (LTV) for Scheduled structures (Line of Credit, Draws and Repays) wasn’t helping to meet the target
  • Fixed an issue causing an error to appear when printing full opportunities using a custom index for fixed rate spread lock
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Indices were not displaying for adjustable and floating rate types
  • Fixed an issue where an Opportunity wouldn’t save after removing a relationship with Other account projections
  • Fixed an issue where opening an Opportunity from Salesforce would fail to load
  • Relationship data feeds now report the correct current balance for relationships that have closed accounts
  • Fixed an issue where API response messages weren't matching the documentation at
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