• We’ve replaced Lender references in our application with Owner. This change will appear in multiple areas, including the Opportunity screen, Opportunity Dashboard, Opportunities Grid, Relationship Impact tab, and Relationships Section
  • The Initial Rate displayed for Floating Rate Loans will now respect caps and/or floors and the Initial Rate for Floating Rate Loans is now display-only with an explanation of the factors that produced the initial rate. The rate can be changed by adjusting the index or the spread
  • The Filter Bar will now collapse when there is a long regional hierarchy, long region name, or the browser window is too small to display the full path
    • We made this update to help with cases where the Filter Bar text was wrapping to the next line and overlapping with other content
    • Three dots will appear when a region name cannot be fully displayed and you may hover over the three dots to see the region name or click on the three dots to display that region
  • A Field Tag will now appear on the Opportunity Name Field on the Opportunity screen if the Opportunity name you entered is longer than 250 characters, which is the supported length for Opportunity Names. This Field Tag will let you know that the “Name must be shorter than 250 characters long”


Administrative Updates

  • Administrators may now choose which Letter of Credit types are allowed at the Product level and can also set the Default Letter of Credit Type
    • Before this release, you could allow Letter of Credit as a payment type, but could not set which of the Letter of Credit types (Commercial, Commercial - Self Liquidating, Financial, and Performance) were allowed for each product
    • When Letter of Credit is set as an Allowable Payment Type for Commercial Loan Products (on the Products tab in the Administration section), a new policy called Allowable Letter of Credit Types will appear below Allowable Payment Types. From here, Administrators may choose which Letter of Credit Types should be allowed for the product and may also set the Default Letter of Credit Type for that product
    • Once saved, these changes will appear when pricing new Opportunities for that product. Only the allowed Letter of Credit Types will appear in the Letter of Credit Type drop-down and the default type will appear first


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing an error to appear when trying to copy an opportunity with a conversion loan
  • Fixed an issue where loans with Scenario Weights would load in a modified state before any changes were made to the loan. This issue would cause a save prompt to appear when attempting to close the loan even though there were no new changes to save
  • Fixed an issue with the Non-Interest Expense column name in the Data Feeds exports
  • Fixed an issue where the list of Conversion Products in Product Printouts wasn’t matching up with what was selected on the screen
  • Fixed an issue with opening the Security Audit
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Service User Security Audit to fail