• The default file name for Printouts will now include the date, the type of printout, the opportunity name, relationship name (if relevant), and your name.  For example: 20180719_Full Opportunity_New Opportunity_Amanda Rogers. This will make it easier to find the printout of interest in the event you have multiple printouts saved to your machine and will also help save time for those who were previously changing the file name to include this information 
  • Our login page now includes a link to episodes of the Purposeful Banker podcast
  • Andi® will no longer recommend increases to both the initial rate and the spread for Floating Rate loans, and instead just recommend an increase to the spread. This is a follow-up to our recent update where we made the Initial Rate field for Floating Rate loans display-only  


Administrative Updates

  • We've made some user interface improvements to help our clients needing to whitelist IP addresses and have also updated the User Access Settings section to improve the clarity of the options in this section.  The option to add IP address filters is available in the User Access Settings section found in Administration beside Users
    • Changes included in this update:
      • We've removed the Client Name field in User Access Settings
      • “Password History Policy” is now “Previous Password Match”
      • We've removed "Policy" from the "Password Expiration Policy" option.  This will now say "Password Expiration."  We've also removed "Policy" from "Password Lockout Policy."   This will now say "Password Lockout."  Additionally, when selecting a Password Lockout, the menu will say "Lock for..." followed by the duration instead of "Lock" followed by the duration
      • The IP Address Filters section is now "Limit Access to These IP Addresses."  This section now includes instructions
      • We've added a Sort button in the IP Addresses section, have moved the Add button that was previously below the IP Address Filters to beside the IP Address box, and have also added a Remove button.  The Remove button will turn blue when you select an IP address that you've entered
  • Since we’re no longer able to get updated rates for the FHLB-Dallas Funding Curve, this source will be disabled going forward and will no longer appear in the list of Standing Funding Curve sources found in the Administration section under Rates & Indices
    • If you were previously using FHLB-Dallas, the funding curve field in your Funding Package will appear blank
    • This will not affect existing opportunities
    • Please note edits to this existing funding package will require choosing a different curve
    • If you’ve been using FHLB-Dallas and want to change your funding curve and reflect that change in the opportunity, you’ll need to fast-forward the pricing date to use that new funding curve's rates.  The closest alternative to FHLB-Dallas is the FHLB-Composite curve
  • PrecisionLender now supports controlling client-wide access to relationship delete and transfer operations in the user interface. By default, both operations are enabled.  If your permissions allow, you will be able to use the Transfer and Delete buttons on the Relationships Grid and Relationship Screen.  Please note:  you’ll only be able to delete a Relationship if it isn’t linked to an active account.  If you would like to disable Transfer and Delete operations from the PrecisionLender user interface, call us at 1-877-506-2744 or email us at
  • A Field Tag will now appear on the Prepayment Rate field in the Prepayment Options section of Product configuration (in the Administration section, under Products) if you enter a negative rate. The Field Tag will let you know the rate should be positive.  Only positive Prepayment rates can be saved here


Integration Updates

  • Service Users with the Customer Relationship Management assignment enabled will now be able to mark opportunities deleted via the API


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some older opportunities with a missing funding package wouldn’t print
  • Fixed an issue where the Assumptions page would not load consistently
  • Fixed an issue where Other Accounts with Horizon projections were not copying correctly from the Opportunities Grid
  • Fixed an issue where deleting the construction piece of a Conversion Loan wouldn't also delete the permanent piece of the loan. Since the permanent piece of a conversion loan can't exist by itself, this caused errors when trying to open that opportunity
  • Fixed an issue where we were always showing the Applied Earnings Credit Row in the Other Income Details popup on the Financial Statement even when there was no credit to display. We’ve now removed this row, but the Applied Earnings Credit will still be factored in to the profitability of Other products.
  • Fixed an issue where Relationship Awareness processing wasn’t closing some missing/inactive accounts correctly. This was a rare edge case and we’ve reached out to clients who experienced this issue