• We’ve updated the Maturity field field tag for Balloon payments to include more detail, including the percentage of the total commitment amount in addition to the dollar amount
    • If you have an amortizing payment type and have the amortization longer than maturity, it will result in a balloon payment.  In the past, we've had a field tag on the Maturity field on the Opportunity screen, but the field tag just stated that there would be a balloon payment at maturity of a certain dollar amount
  • The My Account page will now open in its own page instead of a popup and we’ve added a Save option to the page
    • This page is accessed by clicking on the Account link in between Help and Logout in the upper right-hand corner of the application


Administrative Updates


  • Administrators can now send welcome emails out by region.  Instead of only being able to send out welcome emails to individual users or all users, you'll now be able to send emails to all users by region
    • The Send Welcome Emails option is available within the Administration section of PrecisionLender beside Users
    • Once you click "Send emails to all users by region" you can select which region or sub-region you'd like to notify.  This will select all users who have that Home Region and you can click "Send Welcome Emails" or modify the selection before clicking "Send Welcome Emails" 
  • With this release, the Servicing Channel field on the Opportunity Screen will only be visible if the General Expense Customization Option is enabled on the Product and more than one servicing channel exists on the product
    • Prior to this release, we would show the Servicing Channel field in all cases.  This update aligns with the same logic we've followed for when to show Origination Channels
  • PrecisionLender now supports controlling client-wide access to relationship merge operations in the user interface. By default, this operation is enabled.  If your permissions allow, you will be able to use the “Merge this Relationship” button on the Relationships Grid.  If you would like to disable Merge operations from the PrecisionLender user interface, call us at 1-877-506-2744 or email us at


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Initial Payment field tag wasn’t appearing as expected on the Initial Rate row on the loan tab for floating rate loans
  • Fixed an issue with the formatting of text seen when selecting the “Use Bank Tax Effective Yield Adjustment Factors” setting found in the Administration section for a Region
  • Fixed an issue seen on the Relationships page where Unused LOC fees on the Import Data tab of the Product dialogue was formatted as currency, not percent
  • Fixed an issue where users without save permissions couldn't print because some opportunities were loading with changes despite none being made
  • Fixed an issue where the "Is Government" checkbox on the Commercial Loan Product Guarantee Types setup (in the Administration section) was not loading with the correct values selected
  • Fixed an issue where Administrative users with the Hide Dashboard restriction who didn't have the right to view opportunities were seeing an unauthorized error when logging in to PrecisionLender.  We'll now direct these users to their authorized dashboard (such as the Administrative section) based on Security Profile permissions
  • Relevant for consumers of our API:  Fixed an issue that caused the wrong exception response (null reference exception/500 error) in API calls when the X-Correlation-ID header is present
  • Fixed an issue where CRM users with the Disable Application Login restriction could end up in an error state when copying opportunities.  We’ll now prevent copying in these situations since the copy wouldn’t allow any modifications