• If you print from PrecisionLender, you'll now be prompted to Open or Save the Printout, or if your browser settings allow, the printout will automatically save to your Default Download Location 
    • Previously printouts would open in a new browser tab
    • The behavior you see when accessing printouts will vary based on your browser settings
  • We’ve added Short Codes to the Executive Summary, Executive Summary – Relationship Impact, and Full Opportunity Opportunity Printouts
    • A Short Code within PrecisionLender is a unique identifier for each loan within an opportunity
    • To date, this code has only been visible within the Information section of the Advanced Analytics screen
  • Improved the load performance for Products in the Administration section


Administrative Updates


  • Administrators may now enable the Custom Non-Bank Qualified Tax Exemption type for Commercial Loan Products and assign the Custom Non-Bank Qualified Interest Disallowance Factor at the Regional level
    • When enabled on a product, the Custom tax exemption option will appear in the Interest Options field on the Opportunity Screen and the "General" tab on the Assumptions screen will indicate any interest disallowance factor


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where users without the Manage Access Security Profile setting couldn’t access the My Account page
  • Fixed an issue where an Andi® service outage could cause the Opportunity Screen to freeze and crash
  • Fixed an issue where “NaN” was appearing for % of Average Balance in the Servicing Channel drop-down on the Opportunity screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Full Opportunity Printout was showing Lender instead of Owner
  • Fixed an issue where the Relationship Split Button was missing from the toolbar on the Relationship Screen
  • Fixed an issue with IP range validation in User Access Settings
  • Fixed an issue where copying an opportunity would not break the link to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which caused an error state when opening the copied opportunity
  • iPad: Fixed an issue where the number pad wasn’t appearing correctly for input fields like Amount, Spread, Fees, and Collateral