• When pricing Fixed Rate loans, the “Initial Rate” label on the Opportunity Screen will now appear as “Rate”
  • Updated the way we calculate average rate in Relationship Awareness for Core Loan and Core Deposit Accounts to use a time-weighted average, which matches the way average balance is calculated
  • Updated the Executive Summary – Relationship Impact Printout to match the Relationship Impact tab by showing “N/A” instead of “Minimal” when there are no At Risk accounts


Administrative Updates


  • Administrators with permission to Manage API Access may now configure webhooks for PrecisionLender in the Administration section under Integrations
    • This functionality is intended for users with developer experience who are familiar with webhooks
    • Learn more about using webhooks with PrecisionLender in our Developer Portal
    • Opportunity and Relationship Awareness Run Completed events are currently configurable within the user interface
  • When you delete an existing Product, we show a warning message in a popup to confirm you want to delete that product.  We’ve updated this popup to include the name of the Product in addition to the type of Product to help reduce the potential of deleting the wrong product by accident
  • When creating a new Client Funding Curve source in the Administration section under Rates & Indices, you’ll now see a warning message "Funding curve type and Actual/360 option cannot be changed after setup."  We’ll also now use Yes/No to specify whether the source uses Actual/360 when viewing existing sources instead of displaying a checkbox that could not be edited
    • We’ve added the warning to help make it more apparent that settings selected when creating a Client Funding Curve Source cannot be changed after saving the new curve source


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where a red “Loading Application” animation would appear instead of an error message when trying to access an opportunity that does not exist or trying to access an opportunity without sufficient permissions
  • Fixed an issue where an Opportunity with a floating rate would prompt users to save before printing or closing despite no changes being made
  • Fixed an issue where the spread for Floating Rate loans wasn’t correctly enforcing a minimum value of the negative index rate (e.g., you could have a 2.073% index + -5% spread when we should have been enforcing a minimum value of -2.073% for the spread)
  • Fixed an issue where the Borrower Summary Printout for Swaps was incorrectly displaying the payment that the bank will receive instead of what the borrower would pay. Additionally, we fixed an issue where the swap fees were appearing in the header in the printout, but not the individual loan section
  • Fixed an issue where a new Short Code wasn’t being assigned when copying an opportunity
  • Fixed an issue where some opportunities wouldn’t save when the cap was below the spread
  • Fixed an issue where an error would appear when trying to split a Relationship with duplicate Core Relationship Names
  • Fixed an issue where Deposit Products would not upload transfer rates via the API if they had been saved with a trailing whitespace (e.g., "Commercialized DDA ")