Introducing: Footer Design with Relationship Targets

Pricing a loan is about much more than just the money. It’s about the relationship. 

We know you know that. That’s why we’re making it easier to see the impact your loan, deposit and entire opportunity have on the relationship while you’re on the opportunity page.

Know instantly if you hurdle

When you price an opportunity, you’ll now see a new footer design.

The charts will show you exactly what the current values (the numbers to the left of the bar chart) are compared to the target (the black line). 


Don’t worry – you can still see the table view if you prefer to just see numbers. Click on the toggle in the top right of the grey section of the footer:


You’ll now be able to see the same information in a table layout:



This interface has been updated in the Scenario Builder in order to match the new design.




Introducing: Relationship Targets

For users with Relationship Awareness, Relationship targets have always existed on the Relationship Impact tab, but now we’re surfacing them front and center on the opportunity page. After all, that’s when a relationship’s health matters most.

When you attach a relationship, you’ll now see three bar charts on the right side of the footer:


If We Lose: What will happen to the relationship if we lose this opportunity to a competitor? You can still adjust this value by selecting accounts ‘At Risk’ on the Relationship Impact tab.

Current Relationship: This is where you’ll see your baseline of where the relationship is today without factoring in the opportunity at all.

If We Win: How will this opportunity impact the relationship if we get it on the books? This chart will show you what the relationship would look like if we win the opportunity and keep existing accounts that are not being renewed or paid off.

The targets are a weighted average of all the accounts.

Choosing the metric you care about

No matter which metric you’d like to see, administrators can set up a default by region as well as other metrics to show up as options in the footer.

Navigate to a region set up. You’ll notice the first two lines under ‘General’ will give you the ability to select all visible return on capital types and choose a default.


You’ll now see your selections show up in the drop-down in the footer and pre-selected to the default.


Financial Statements expanded to include the Relationship

If you’re going to be looking for key indicators of profitability and risk on the Financial Statements tab, you’ll need a view into the Relationship, too.

With this update, you’ll now see an expanded Financial Statement to include the If We Lose, Current Relationship and If We Win data.


The option to toggle between Strategic Value and FTP Value will still be available and can be accessed by clicking on the double chevron arrow beside the Relationship Details title.



Work in Progress

We’re always listening to your input to improve our platform. If you’ve got ideas on how we can improve your experience, please reach out to us at