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2018-09-26 Release Notes

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  • The Opportunity Screen footer has a brand new look!
    • You’ll now see how the current values compare to the target with bar charts
    • The Opportunity return metrics will now be on the left side of the footer
    • A table view is available for those who wish to see only the numbers without the charts
    • For users with Relationship Awareness, we’ll now surface the relationship targets on the right side of the footer on the Opportunity Screen once a relationship is added to the Opportunity
    • The Scenario Builder interface has also been updated to match this design
    • Learn more about these updates here
  • The Financial Statements tab will now include Relationship Details when a Relationship is added
    • Relationship Details will include data on If We Lose, the Current Relationship, and If We Win
  • Updated the table in the Amortization section located in Advanced Analytics on the Opportunity Screen
    • The Raw Interest Income column has been replaced by Accrual Interest Income
    • We've removed the Amortized Fees/Expenses column and added columns for Origination Fees and Origination Expenses
    • We've also added Servicing Expense, Participation Servicing Expense, Guarantee Servicing Expense, and Annual Fees columns
    • The Cap/Floor Impact column will appear for floating and adjustable rate loans
    • The Tax Exempt Impact column will appear for tax exempt loans
    • The Index Scaling Impact column will appear when the scaling factor is enabled and lower than 100%
    • The Unused LOC fees column will appear when pricing a Line of Credit
    • The Earnings on Capital column will appear when the earnings on capital factor is greater than 0 and capital is not included in funding
  • Added a tooltip to show the full Relationship name when choosing a Relationship
    • This tooltip will appear if you hover your cursor over the relationship name when using the Relationship drop-down to add an existing relationship to an Opportunity
    • With long relationship names, we truncate the names.  Before this release, you didn't have a way of seeing the full relationship name in these cases until you selected the relationship and returned to the Opportunity Screen
  • Updated the Interest Options First Payment at Month field to always be editable except for when Payment Frequency is At Maturity
    • Prior to this update a checkbox was present next to First Payment at Month and the field could only be edited when the checkbox was selected
  • If you click on a column header (e.g., Owner) on the Opportunities Grid or Relationships Grid to sort the values in that column, you'll now see the sorted column header text in italics
  • Users logging in with Single Sign-On (SSO) from a custom login address such as will now see the same address they started from once they are logged in


Administrative Updates


  • Administrators may now select which return on capital types (e.g., Net Income, ROE, ROA) are visible and what the default return on capital type is on the Region Edit Screen
    • Selections made here will determine which return metrics are visible as options in the updated Opportunity Screen footer and which metric is pre-selected as the default on the top right corner of the Relationship Impact Summary view of the Opportunity


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where an Opportunity could be saved with a blank name 
    • We’ll now show an error field tag that says “Please name this opportunity” if the name field is empty
    • Before this fix, an Opportunity without a name could be saved, but you wouldn’t be able to access it unless transferring or copying
  • Fixed an issue where the Assumption Set Popup wasn't opening in Internet Explorer for certain opportunities
  • Fixed an issue where the “Replace with” option for Collateral Types wasn’t carrying over LTV values from the standard/default set
    • This issue was visible only for Administrators when editing Collateral Types for Products
  • Fixed an issue where PrecisionLender API users were being limited to around 30 megabytes (MB) when making a request to PrecisionLender
    • This was causing larger Relationship Awareness file uploads to fail
    • We’ve increased the limit to 100MB
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