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2018-10-10 Release Notes

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  • We've removed the Initial Payment Field Tag from the Andi® suggestions on the Opportunity page
    • You’ll continue to see Payment at the current rate when clicking into the Rate field
    • Before this release, the field tag appeared in both places
  • Customize your PrecisionLender printouts by adding your bank's logo
    • Administrators may add a custom logo in the Print Options section
    • If no custom logo is added, an updated PrecisionLender logo will appear with this release
  • Short Codes are now included in the Data Feeds for Opportunities and Active Loan Accounts
    • Please note that Data Feed Access is required to access the Data Feeds
    • A Short Code within PrecisionLender is a unique identifier for each loan within an opportunity and can provide a way to reconcile what was priced in PrecisionLender with what is booked
    • If you'd like to utilize short codes, please contact your Client Success Manager or our Support team
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Clients Only:  We’ll now clear the SSO domain cookie when users click Logout
    • If SSO fails, this will help the user return to the login screen instead of the failing Identity Provider URL
    • Users may also re-enter their username and click Company Login to log back in with their Identity Provider


Administrative Updates


  • PrecisionLender now supports controlling client-wide access to Participations
    • By default, Participations are enabled, meaning all your users will see the Participations field when pricing an Opportunity
    • If you would like to disable Participations for all Products so that this field is hidden, call us at 1-877-506-2744 or email us at
  • Swap emails to designated users now include the Forward Start Term to provide a better picture of the Opportunity being priced
  • The Data Upload tool (pli.exe) used to feed relationship data into PrecisionLender now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later and supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where some of the drop-down options (e.g., First Payment at Month, Interest Calculation, and Tax Exemption Option) weren’t appearing in the Interest Options field on the Opportunity Screen even when allowed on the Product
  • Fixed an issue where tabs on the Opportunity, Rate Sheet, and Product Edit screens weren’t resizing properly when there were multiple tabs
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Amortization section in Advanced Analytics from loading properly
  • Fixed an issue in the Scenario Builder chart causing slower loads.  We’ll also now default to the Grid view for an Opportunity with 10 or more scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the Relationship Impact charts were showing Target ROE and Target Income as 0 instead of N/A when the targets cannot be rolled up
  • Fixed an issue where the Unused Commitment fee was excluded from the Fee Summary in the Borrower Summary Printout
  • Fixed an issue that disabled SSO for clients with a custom login address
  • Fixed an issue where the Opportunities Dashboard Performance charts were showing the incorrect date label (e.g., the May column said April)
  • Fixed an issue where charts on the Opportunity Dashboard printout weren’t displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Rate Sheet export would become corrupt if the truncated sheet names in the export were duplicates of other sheet names
  • Fixed an issue observed in Administration under Regions & Users where the New Child Region icon wouldn’t appear once you have four levels of regions
    • We’ll now allow up to 10 child regions to be nested and prevent moving a region to a new parent that would create a depth greater than 10 regions
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