• We've updated the way we calculate deposit Interest Expense for relationships. Previously, we calculated an average rate being paid to the deposit. Going forward, we'll calculate deposit Interest Expense using the most recent interest rate passed in Relationship Awareness, which will provide a more accurate picture of deposit profitability. For more information on this change, see Coming Soon: Updated Deposit Interest Expense Calculation In Relationship Awareness.
  • We’ll now always show a red bar on the Opportunity Footer bar chart if the returns are minimal or negative.  Before this release, there were some cases where there wouldn’t be any red or green bar on the chart if the ROE was extremely low or negative. Going forward, we'll only show the empty white bar when the ROE can’t be calculated, and in those cases we'll display "N/A" for the return values.
  • The relationship grid export will now load more quickly. Previously, clients with a lot of relationships saw some slowness in trying to download this export.
  • We've made some improvements to the way we handle opportunities with multiple scenarios. These opportunities won't look different, but this change will help them load faster.


Administrative Updates

  • In our last release, we announced we are now supporting client-wide access to participations, and added the ability to disable participations for all products. In this release, if you've elected to turn off participations, we will no longer show the participations field on any opportunity printouts. 
  • We will be providing monthly Volatility Estimates for clients who would like to use volatility estimates, but can't or would rather not develop their own. If you'd like to get email updates when we publish a new Recommended Volatility Estimates update, visit this page and click "Follow" on the right side.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where propagating changes from one product to another wasn't properly copying the changes or changing the "Last Modified" date on the product grid. 
  • Fixed an issue where previewing or downloading the Opportunity Stage History data feed was running slowly.
  • Fixed an issue where Andi's suggestions were only displaying for the pipeline scenario, and not for alternate scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where the Commitment field in an opportunity wasn't updating properly for the permanent piece of conversion loans. This only occurred when that permanent piece's product was set up with Line of Credit as the default payment type. 
  • Fixed an issue where we showed a blank tab on the product edit screen in the Administration section in cases where a product was enabled in one region, and that region was later deleted. Going forward, if you only enable a product in one region and then delete that region, the Product Edit screen will show a "(DELETED)" indication next to the region's name. When you save that product with another region enabled, that indication will disappear. 
  • Fixed an issue where the welcome emails sent in PrecisionLender weren't directing some users to the correct subdomain, which could have affected their ability to log in using SSO.