• We've made some behind the scenes improvements on how we load static images on pages within PrecisionLender so the pages load more quickly on subsequent visits
  • We’ve made some performance improvements for Internet Explorer users to help make selecting a relationship happen more quickly
  • Improved the performance loading Opportunities with several Other accounts


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Opportunities affected by incorrect Treasury rates between 10/17 and 10/23
    • Users affected by this issue have been notified
  • Fixed an issue introduced by our last release where the Assumptions for all scenarios on an Opportunity weren't getting updated when updating the Pricing Date
    • This issue resulted in only the current scenario's assumptions being updated when changing the pricing date
  • Fixed an issue where an error would appear when attempting to save an Opportunity with multiple scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the Facility Ratings label was missing on the Commercial Loan Products tab on the Assumptions Screen
  • Fixed an issue where the “Clear to Default” button beside Custom Logo for Printouts in the Print Options section of the Administration screen incorrectly said “Submit”
    • We’ve also fixed an issue causing an error to appear when clicking this button
    • Additionally, we've changed the Submit button that appears on this page when clicking "Upload New" to say “Upload Logo”
  • Fixed an issue where the My Account page listed out individual Opportunity rights instead of displaying All for users with all Opportunity Rights selected in their security profile
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the Information popup rows on the Financial Statements tab in Internet Explorer and Firefox
    • The Information popup rows appear when clicking the Info icons (Info_icon.png) on the Financial Statement