LOS Integration with nCino

The PrecisionLender - nCino Integration allows you to seamlessly pass relevant pricing data to nCino, without the need to re-enter any information. 


Opening your Opportunity: 

You’ll start by accessing a new or existing opportunity in nCino. Once in PrecisionLender, price your deal as you normally would. For help pricing commercial loans, please see the Pricing Commercial Loans support article. If you are having trouble getting over to PrecisionLender from nCino, please reach out to our support team at 


Shows Sent to nCino option in the new opportunity toolbar


After clicking “Send to nCino”, a new dialogue box will pop up allowing you to map your PrecisionLender loans to the right nCino product.


Shows a pop-up window for product mapping


New Deals: 

Once you’ve selected the right products for your new nCino loans, simply click “Confirm and send to nCino” and the integration will send the pertinent financial information from the Pipeline Scenario into nCino to be turned into a new Product Package and Loans.

Once the opportunity has been successfully passed into nCino, you’ll see another dialog box appear with a message saying the opportunity has been successfully sent to nCino. At this point your loans can now move through your origination workflow in nCino.


Repricing Existing Loans:

You can also make changes to a loan that has already been sent to nCino. You can access your PrecisionLender Opportunity straight from your new nCino loan(s). Once you have made the necessary changes to the existing opportunity, click “Update in nCino” and your nCino loans will be updated with the new details from PrecisionLender.

Shows Update in nCino option in the new opportunity toolbar