• To improve the load time for the Opportunity Screen, we'll no longer load the Other and Relationship Impact tabs right away when you first visit the Opportunity Screen.  These tabs will now load when you click on them
  • Currency Input Fields will now only allow the user to edit the raw value
    • For example, if the amount is $1,000,000, when a user clicks to edit the amount, the value will show as 1000000. This will help prevent formatting errors
  • Loan Stage and Close Date will now be visible for nCino and Salesforce Loan-Centric Connector Clients


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the index in the Initial Rate was not updating the first time when switching to Prime from a Funding Curve Index for Floating Rate loans
  • Fixed an issue where changes to Floating and Adjustable Rate loans weren’t saving properly when switching between Prime and Funding Curve indices
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Clients Only: Fixed an issue where the SSO logout page was not displayed when clicking on Logout.  Instead, the PrecisionLender logout page was displayed
  • Dynamics Connector Clients Only: Fixed an issue that was blocking Relationships from getting sent back to Dynamics