Administrative Updates


  • We’ve added an option for Administrators with permission to Manage Assumptions to configure the Borrower Summary Printout to display repay and draw schedules when relevant in the printout
    • This new option will be available in the Administration Section under Print Options if you click on the Borrower Summary Printout in the Standard Printouts box
    • By default, "Display Repay Schedule" will be disabled.  If enabled, and if pricing an Opportunity where there is a repay or draw schedule, the borrower summary printout will display the schedule on the second page, showing the amount for each month
  • For clients with Swaps enabled: We’ve added a new section in the Administration Section called Universal Assumptions where you can choose whether to Amortize Swap Fees
    • This section is available for Administrators with the Manage Assumptions Security Profile Right
    • By default, Amortize Swap Fees will be set to "No."  If enabled, the swap fee will no longer be applied to the first month, but instead will be amortized over the life of the loan
    • If you don’t have Swaps enabled on your account, this section will not appear


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with adjustable loans where updating the pricing date was changing the spread and initial rate instead of only changing the initial rate and leaving the spread fixed
    • As part of this fix, we’ve also addressed an issue where we were auto-updating the index when the adjustment frequency changed even if a specific index was selected. We’ll now only auto-select when Auto is selected as the Index
  • Fixed an issue where the Funding Curve Index name wasn’t updating when changing the pricing date