Administrative Updates


  • Administrators may now enter negative rates for custom indices and raw rate funding curves
    • These rates and indices are configured in the Administration Section if you click on the Rate & Indices button
    • Previously we would show an error when a negative value was entered
    • Please note that the All In Rates Funding Curve Type, which is the other choice for Funding Curve Type when creating a new Funding Curve, will continue to require a positive rate  


New Features


  • Added support for Multiple Participations on the Opportunity Screen
    • When adding a participation via the Participations drop-down on an Opportunity, you can click on the "Add New" button to add an additional participation and can fill in the relevant details like bank name, premium received, and additional expenses
    • Once you have multiple participations, you can use the Participating Bank drop-down to switch between the banks
    • Once a participation percentage is entered, the pop-up will also display the number of participations that exist in parentheses 
    • The Participations field will also display the total participations and the number of participating banks
    • As part of this update, we've also added the retained portion of the participation beside the Amount field on the Opportunity
      • This will only appear when there is a valid participation amount on the Opportunity
  • Deal Teams: this feature allows multiple users to work on the same Opportunity, giving those users earlier visibility into pricing and allowing for more efficient collaboration between relationship managers, credit officers, and management
    • If you’d like this feature enabled, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or our Support team
  • Alternate Pricing Regions: this feature allows Relationship Managers to easily price a deal or a loan in another region
    • If you’d like this feature enabled, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or our Support team




  • Participations are now calculated using the retained portion instead of the master amount for Strategic Value calculations (this matches how it is calculated for FTP)
  • The Initial Rate displayed for Adjustable Rate Loans with the Fixed Period disabled (e.g., 0 months) is now display-only with an explanation of the factors that produced the initial rate
    • The rate can be changed by adjusting the index or the spread
    • The Initial Rate field will continue to be editable for Adjustable Rate Loans when a fixed period is present
  • Made some updates to the User Interface to improve accessibility including adding stronger contrast to buttons in PrecisionLender to improve the focus state when hovering over or selecting these buttons


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where charts were missing in printouts from the Relationships Section
  • Fixed an issue where Time to Liquidate was appearing by mistake in the Collateral Types table on the Assumptions Screen. Time to Liquidate will now appear only if the feature is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where Scheduled Draws & Repays were appearing on the Full Opportunity Printout even when the payment type did not include Scheduled Draws & Repays
  • Fixed an issue with the Funding Curve Index Name not updating when making a new selection from Funding Packages
  • Fixed an issue where the Updating Assumptions message would sometimes refer to funding packages not used on the Opportunity
  • Fixed an issue for newly provisioned banks where the Product default for Maximum Rate Lock Duration wasn’t being correctly set to 24 Months
    • This was causing an error to appear when editing Products and updating Opportunities
  • Fixed an edge case issue where Relationship Awareness processing would fail when users had the same Officer Code but in different cases (uppercase vs. lowercase)