Administrative Updates


  • Added an option when setting up Products to select "Auto Index" as your Default Adjustable Index.  We'll also persist this selection when saving a loan with an Auto Index
    • Before this change, saving an Opportunity would change your Index from Auto to whichever Index was currently being used (i.e. Auto:  LIBOR 1-Year would save as LIBOR 1-year)
    • This means if you then changed your maturity, the Index would not automatically update to match




  • The Target value that appears in the table layout view of the Relationship Summary footer on the Opportunity Screen will now be Target (If We Win).  The Net Income and Capital numbers have also been updated to reflect the If We Win Target values
    • Previously we were using the Current values but not specifying which values we were using for the Target
  • Made some updates to the User Interface to improve accessibility including:
    • Editable fields at the top of the Opportunity Screen (e.g., Stage and Pricing Date) now have white backgrounds for improved contrast
    • Capitalized the page header text on the login page and reset password page
    • Added stronger contrast to inputs on the login page, Opportunity Screen, Admin Section, My Account dialog box, Opportunity Grid, Relationship Grid, Rate Sheet screen, and Delivery to Promise Dashboard
    • The Grids mentioned above can now also be navigated with a keyboard
  • If Deal Teams are enabled for your account, the Owner field on the Opportunity Screen will now appear as “Owner and Deal Team” 
    • Additionally, the list of members you can choose from when adding to the Deal Team will now be restricted to members who have rights to see the pricing region for the Opportunity
  • Loans with only an annual fee will now just show the fee/yr format in the Fees field and Scenario fields instead of displaying $0 + fee/yr
  • We’ll no longer show the Fixed Period in the Full Opportunity and Borrower Summary Printouts if the Fixed Period is disabled for the Product  


Bug Fixes


  • Corrected Treasury rates that were incorrect on January 8th
  • Corrected the FHLB-Boston rates that were incorrect on Dec 31 and Jan 1
  • Fixed an issue where the text on the Opportunity Dashboard wasn't resizing correctly in smaller browser windows.  This issue also occurred when there was a long regional hierarchy on the filter bar
  • Fixed an issue where Net Commitment was incorrect when there were participations
  • Fixed an issue where you could add multiple participations exceeding 100% of the participation amount
  • Fixed an issue where the “Other Promised Income” shown on the Delivery to Promise Dashboard was showing Annual Revenue instead of Pre-Tax Income
  • Fixed an issue where Service User printouts in the Administration Section under Integrations would fail in certain cases
    • The Integrations section will appear only if Integrations and API Access are enabled for your account AND your security profile allows Manage API access
  • Fixed an issue where the Swaps Fee was not showing in the Fees section or Scenario Name on the Opportunity Screen and was not broken out from the origination and annual fees on the printouts
  • Fixed an issue with adjustable and floating rate loans where changing the funding package from the default would reset the index back to the default even if the user had chosen a different index previously
  • Fixed an issue affecting API users that was preventing the API call to update all funding packages