• We've added the relationship financial statement to the Full Opportunity printout. This will appear after the relationship charts on the printout, just before the Active Accounts section. Previously, this information was available in the Financial Statement in an opportunity, but was not visible on any printouts
  • When the fixed period is disabled for adjustable rate loans at the product level, we will no longer show the initial rate index and spread on the scenario summary or on the opportunity printouts, since the initial rate does not apply to loans with no fixed period
  • Made some updates to the User Interface to improve accessibility including:
    • Adding page titles to better reflect where users are in the application, and we'll now use proper headers to label different sections of the application
    • Improving dropdown menus like the Collateral and Guarantees menus. Previously, if you had a long collateral name, the name would be cut off by the dropdown. Going forward, the dropdown will expand in width to accommodate longer names
    • Dialogs in the application and editable fields within the Administration section and on the opportunity screen can now be navigated with a keyboard
  • We've made some performance improvements to help improve loading times for Products (within the Administration section) and the Relationship Impact tab within an opportunity
  • We've added some improvements to improve general performance on the opportunity screen


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting swaps where a negative spread would cause the swap profit to sometimes display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the rate wasn't updating when the pricing date was changed within an opportunity
  • Fixed an issue where the ellipsis (...) wasn't appearing for long stage names in the Stage column on the Opportunity Grid
  • Fixed an issue where an error would sometimes appear for adjustable rate loans if you changed the rate type to fixed, and updated the pricing date
  • Fixed an issue where clients using Deal Teams weren't able to transfer opportunities to other users even when those users had the correct permissions
  • Fixed an issue affecting clients using the nCino integration where Commercial Loan Accounts weren't included in the payload sent to nCino