What is the Rate Sheets Connector? 

The Rate Sheets Connector is a managed package for Force.com that will access the content of the Rate Sheets module within PrecisionLender and allow client relationship managers to price smaller loans from inside their CRM using PrecisionLender Rate Sheets. The Rate Sheets Connector enables bankers to be more conversational when discussing commercial and consumer loan quotes while providing them a historical trace of the variance in opportunity and account loan data for future insights.



The PrecisionLender Rate Sheets Connector is delivered as a managed package through Force.com and requires some setup to get it hooked up to a Force.com Org. This is a fairly simple process and our team is ready to assist you with the setup. If you are interested in setting up this feature, please reach out to our support team. Please note that the Rate Sheets Connector is not optimized for mobile use yet. 


Using the Rate Sheets Connector

You’ll want to start by creating or opening an Opportunity or Account in Force.com (the object available to price loans from will be chosen during the connector setup). From your Force.com record, navigate to the ‘Precision Lender Rate Sheets Connector’ and click ‘Start Pricing’ to enter the loan details.



Once you have added the relevant details, click ‘Price’ to generate a financial statement.




You can continue to edit the quote after the financial statement has been generated. Once the quote is finalized, click ‘Save’ to create a locked record of your new quote. You can find your Rate Sheet Quotes in the ‘Rate Sheets Connector Quote’ section. If you don’t see a new quote immediately, try refreshing the CRM page.   




Rate Sheet product updates made in PrecisionLender will be pushed to the Rate Sheets Connector in near real-time. This ensures that new quotes will be priced using the most recent assumptions. Saved Rate Sheet Quotes will also note the publish date of the Rate Sheet used to generate a quote, giving banks visibility into pricing that may need to be updated. Relationship Managers with the exception limits permission will also be able to price exceptions up to a specified difference (in bps) from the original rate.