General Updates

  • We've removed access to since the Data Feeds section includes all the reports you can download and export from PrecisionLender. If you had any .iqy files from, you'll need to set up newly downloaded files from the Data Feeds section to pull data from PrecisionLender into Excel. Learn more about opening and refreshing .iqy files here
  • Our Charlotte team moved to a new location so we’ve updated the address on the login page and in our emails accordingly


New Features/Improvements

  • We’ve made an improvement to how we treat the Scheduled Repays payment type in Relationship Awareness. We will now use the payment amount, if provided, in calculating the repay schedule. To learn more, visit Coming Soon: Payment Schedule Support In Relationship Awareness
  • Improved performance when loading opportunities with large relationships attached
  • The relationship selector within an opportunity is now accessible with a keyboard. We've also added a "Cancel" button to the relationship selector to close the window if the user doesn't want to make any changes. The "Clear" button to remove an attached relationship has been renamed to "Remove"
  • Modified "Imported Risk Rating" label on General Tab in Active Loan accounts popup on Relationship screen and Relationship Impact tab to simply read "Risk Rating"


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the field tag wasn’t appearing on the Amortization field on the Opportunity Screen as expected
    • As part of this fix, we’ve added back the checkbox to enable First Payment at Month in the Interest Options drop-down. When the checkbox was removed in a prior release, this caused an issue where the calculations weren’t recognizing the first payment at month value entered
    • The warning field tag will appear on the Amortization field if the First Payment at Month value is out of sync with the payment frequency (e.g. First Payment at month 3 with a monthly payment frequency would cause the field tag to appear) or if the First Payment at Month value entered is greater than or equal to the Maturity
  • Fixed an issue where CRM users with the Security Profile setting “Hide Dashboard” were sometimes able to see the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some opportunities from being opened
  • Fixed an issue where conversion loan amounts were incorrectly calculated if the primary loan payment type was Amortizing, Level Principal, Scheduled Repays with a repay on the last month, or Scheduled Draws and Repays with a repay on the last month
  • Fixed an issue where the balloon payment field tag amount was incorrectly calculated if the payment type was Level Principal
  • Fixed an issue where the Amortization table available on the Advanced Analytics screen was displaying incorrect information for LOC payment types with a draw on the last month
  • Fixed a spacing issue in the Relationship selector on the Opportunity Screen that appeared when there were multiple pages of relationships
  • Fixed a UI issue with the “Create a draw schedule based on my recommendation above” Andi suggestion in the schedule drop-down on the Opportunity Screen
  • Fixed an issue where some of the text on the Assumptions Screen was overlapping other lines of text
  • Fixed an issue where the tabs on the Product pages in the Administration Section weren’t resizing correctly
  • Improved Product popup menus on the Relationship Impact tab.  Previously, some of the tabs and content were getting cut off if the product had a long name
  • Fixed an issue affecting users who navigate PrecisionLender with a keyboard where tabbing out of the last item in a dialog wouldn’t save your input if changed
  • Fixed an issue with hyperlinks not working at the top of the Product screen
  • Fixed an issue where labels were missing from the Relationship Impact screen
  • Updated the link to our status page on the login screen. Previously, this link pointed to a defunct page
  • Fixed an issue where some opportunities with pricing dates in 2017 or earlier had inflated ROEs